Classes at Pennsic August, 2024

Llwyd will be teaching two sessions of Introduction to Fiore’s Italian Longsword at Pennsic 2024. The two identical sessions will be on Thursday, August 1 and Friday, August 2 both at 10am on Rapier List 3.

The class surveys the basics of Fiore’s longsword techniques with some sample plays from the longsword, sword in one hand, and sword in armor sections of his 1409 manual. Focus will be on plays that are legal for SCA rulesets including rapier, cut and thrust, rebated steel, and armored. A limited number of longsword wasters will be available for use or bring your own. All plays will be performed in a slow, controlled fashion. No armor required. Links to source material, translations, and videos for this class and other Fiore topics will be provided (see list below.)

If you would like to take either class, there is no need to sign up, just put the class on your schedule and join me on the field! The class will cover the plays in the video and documentation slides below but will be interactive instead of a lecture.

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