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Fiore’s Armored Combat & Halfswording in the SCA

Reviewing the SCA Marshal’s Handbook and the Atlantian addendum to the Marshal’s Handbook, referred to from here on as “the Atlantian Addendum”.

Q1 Can I half-sword (grasp my own blade above the quillions) in SCA Armored combat?

A1 Marshal’s handbook does not address this.  Per the Atlantian Addendum, Section V – Weapon and Armor Standards,

V.2.4.5 “During combat, the blade of the sword may not be grasped.”

V.  “The portion of the great sword above the quillons (called the ricasso) may be left without edge markings and therefore can be grasped.”

Q2 Can I use my hand to push an opponent’s weapon off line without grasping it?

A2  Marshal’s Handbook does not directly address this.  Section IV.B essentially addresses intercepting a blow, not pressing or pushing a weapon off line before a blow is developed.  Per the Atlantian Adendum, Section VI – Conventions of Combat,

VI.1.10.5  “If the opponent has an edged weapon, striking, pushing, or pressing and opponent’s weapon’s striking portion (regardless of the orientation of the edge) with any part of the body (for example grabbing a sword with the hand) is not allowed.”