Glossary Flashcard Set 


Posta/Position – possibly brief stopping point between two strikes


Passare/Pass – rear foot moves forward reversing stance

Retornare/Return – front foot moves backward reversing stance

Accressere/Increase – shift one foot further from the other

Discressere/Decrease – shift one foot closer to the other


Volta Stabile/Stable Turn – rotate 45 degrees on balls of feet without moving feet

Mezza Volta/Half turn – pass or return with one foot and rotate body

Tutta Volta/Full turn – pivot on the ball of one foot moving the other in a circle around it while rotating the body as well.

Zogho/Distance or Measure

stretto – short (grapping possible):

largo – long (no grappling):



Fendente – falling cut:



Mezzano – horizontal cut:



Sottano – rising cut:



Mandritto – blow from the attacker’s right side:



Riverso – blow from the attacker’s left side: