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Here are some other good Fiore resources. 

Recommended Fiore Books

We recommend that you have the ability to reference the original text and illustrations. You can do that via museum sites and the translations at wiktenauer (links below). Or you can buy one of these fine reproductions. Note that the Amazon links are all affiliate links and that we will get a small portion of your purchase if you use those links. 


Fior Di Battaglia: MS Ludwig XV 13 (Italian Edition), Fiore Dei Liberi , ISBN 978-9527157114, $30. Buy it on Amazon

This is an excellent reproduction of the Getty version of Fiore’s book. Crisp illustrations, easy to read text (if you read medieval Italian).  I strongly recommend having a copy of the primary source material if you are studying this system.

The Flower of Battle: MS Ludwig XV13, Hatcher, Colin and Mellow, Tracy, ISBN 978-0984771684, $40. Buy it on Amazon

Hatcher’s translation is combined with illustrations from the Getty to produce a copy of Fiore’s manual as if it were written in modern English.

The Flower of Battle: MS M 383,  Chidester, Michael, ISBN 9781953683076, $50 in Hardback, $40 in spiral bound soft cover.

Facsimile of the Morgan Museum’s version of Fiore with transcription and translation. Also includes a couple of related articles.

The Flower of Battle: MS Latin 11269, Marsden, Richard, Winnick, Benjamin ISBN- 0999290347, $40 in Hardback, $30 in softcover.

Facsimile, translation, and interpretation of the Paris version of the manual which is unique in being in Latin.

Flowers of Battle: The Complete Martial Works of Fiore dei Liberi Volume One: The Getty Manuscript and Historical Contex, ISBN: 978-1-937439-18-7, $125.  Buy it at freelanceacademypress.com Each page presented as a facsimile with both a transcription and a translation (by Tom Leoni) on opposite page, plus lots of background information.

Flowers of Battle: The Complete Martial Works of Fiore dei Liberi Volume Three: The Florius Manuscript, ISBN: 978-1-937439-19-4 , $100. Buy it at freelanceacademypress.com. Similar to volume one, this book presents the Florius or Paris manuscript as a facsimile with text in Latin and an English translation by Ken Mondshein.

From Medieval Manuscript to Modern Practice: The Longsword Techniques of Fiore dei Liberi, Windsor, Guy, ISBN-13 : 978-9527157558, $25. Buy it on Amazon

This book covers the longsword sections of the manual, with a reproduction of the figure, plus a transcription of the Italian and Windsor’s translation to English. Then it adds his commentary and a link to a video of him doing the play. Both a reproduction and an interpretation.

Fiore de’ Liberi’s Fior di Battaglia , Leoni, Tom, ASIN: B009ALJ5T2, $50. Buy it on Amazon

Tom Leoni created an excellent translation of the Getty version of Fiore’s book. This is just his text; there are no illustrations. The Amazon link above is the only source I can find to purchase a copy. The Freelance Academy Press book above also uses his translation.


Fiore dei Liberi’s Armizare: The Chivalric Martial Arts System of Il Fior Di Battaglia, Charrette, Robert N., ISBN: 978-0-9825911-7-8, $40. Buy it on Amazon

This is the main interpretation that our group works from. Very well adapted English explanations with lots of photographs from different angles. Highly recommended!

Buy it from Freelance Academy Press

Guy Windsor’s series dives a bit deeper into Fiore and are excellent.

Mastering the Art of Arms Vol 1: The Medieval Dagger , Windsor, Guy,  ISBN: 978-1937439033, $24. Buy it on Amazon
Mastering the Art of Arms, Vol. 2: The Medieval Longsword, Windsor, Guy,  ISBN: 978-9526819327, $30. Buy it on Amazon
Mastering the Art of Arms, Vol. 3: Advanced Longsword: Form and Function, Windsor, Guy,  ISBN: 978-9527157060, $30. Buy it on Amazon

A bibliography of more rapier books with short reviews and links to purchase


Wiktenauer Fantastic repository of European historic marshal arts references
Guy Windsor’s Fiore website
Guy Windsor’s Youtube channel
Il Fior di Battaglia on the Getty Museum’s website
Il Fior di Battaglia on the Morgan Library and Museum’s website
International Armizare Society
Atlantian A&S Links Page

Phone Apps

Pocket Armizare: Android Play Store Web version

Swords and Daggers

I personally use the Cold Steel plastic roundel dagger and the Purpleheard Armoury wooden longsword waster, but own a variety of other simulators that I share when teaching classes in person. For SCA combat use, I have a metal dagger, longsword, and rapiers from Darkwood Armory.

Plastic Roundel Daggers at Amazon and  at Cold Steel
Plastic Longsword at Amazon and at Cold Steel
Wooden and synthetic longsword wasters from Purpleheart Armoury

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