Articles & Flash Cards

Flash Card Sets

The posta card sets include a full page of drill ideas using the cards!

Longsword Posta Flash Cards and drills

Sword in Armor and Dagger Postas Flash Cards and drills

Fiore Glossary  Terms for footwork, range, and blows.


Fiore Documentation Prose description of Fiore’s history and our purpose. Basically the first half of the Intro class.

Fiore Bibliography List of Fiore printed resources

Learning Fiore Essay on ways to learn, practice, and drill Fiore’s system.

Intro & Review of Fiore Handout Class outline for Introduction/Review to Fiore class

Fiore Longsword Handout Class outline for Fiore Longsword class

Fiore Armored Combat Class outline for Fiore Armored Combat class

Using Fiore in SCA Combat Class outline for application of Fiore’s techniques to the SCA

Stretto Plays Class outline for Fiore Longsword Close Range Plays