New Video Release!

We just posted a new video describing a sword combat visualization technique called “the wall”. It is intended to help a fencer build a mental model of how swords can move in three-dimensional space and how to move their sword and body to be safe and to put your opponent at risk. It can be used to understand how a system works and why some plays work the way that they do. And it can be used to prune your decision tree during a full speed fight. But, the wall is a tool not a system. In particular, the wall only implicitly addresses tempo and measure. For a longer prose and photo discussion of the wall see my article at .

This video has a whole lot of NEW in it. It’s a new topic, uses 90% new hardware, 100% new software, has composited special effects, and adds a couple of YouTube features for the first time. A list of all of the gear used for this video is available at .

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Retro Class Recordings

I was pretty happy with the recording of my online Fiore Dagger part 1 class recently. So, I decided to go back and record several other classes that I previously taught online, but did not record at the original time. Here are the links to the videos and slides for the new recordings.

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February 2024 University

Atlantia’s February University session will be held online on Feb 3 and 4, 2024. Llwyd will be teaching a class on Fiore’s dagger plays. The full PowerPoint slides with video file is too large to share, so linked below are the slides and links to the included videos.

Medieval Dagger Play I: Fiore’s Guide to Getting Close to Your Friends

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New Dagger Videos, February 2024 University, and March KASF

Llwyd has spent the last year doing ad hoc classes at practices and events around Atlantia. He recently shot some video with his son covering the first quarter of Fiore’s dagger plays. This video will be used for a class at Atlantia’s February 3-4, 2024 University event. This University is online and open to anyone but preregistration is required. The class will be recorded. The footage will also be edited to make a couple of more formal videos for YouTube. Stay tuned for both the posting of the videos and the opening of Universitity registration. Both versions of the classes will show the plates, the translated text, discuss what the instructions for the play are and then show a video of Llwyd’s take on the actions. In one case, we’ll work through a couple of different takes and why the first few tries are probably not what the master intended.

Llwyd is also intending to have a display table at Atlantia’s March 2, 2024 Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival (KASF) discussing his Fiore studies. Please come by and chat if you’re at the event. KASF will be in the Barony of Tir-y-Don which is in Newport News, Virginia.

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Fiore in February

Atlantia’s Winter University is February 4-6, 2023. It is entirely online. Since it is online, Llwyd’s Fiore class will be on sections of the manual that it would be difficult to do if we were in person, the non-sword portions of the manual. This one-hour class will start with discussion of the mounted combat plays and then, as time allows, start on the grapping/wrestling portion of the manual. Free, online, pre-registration is required at the University site. Slides for the class are available here.

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Now Easier to find on YouTube!

Thanks to YouTube’s new “handle” feature, our YouTube channel is now accessible at the much easier to remember URL: !

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Fiore at June University

Due to several requests, Llwyd will be teaching a class called “Introduction to Italian Longsword” at Atlantia’s University on June 11. The event and the class are free.

Here are PDF slides showing plate and translation for the plays taught.

If you’d like videos of my take on the plays, see the post below; the previous class covered the same plays with slightly different text on the slides. Please also explore the articles and flash cards here as well as the wide selection of videos on our YouTube page.

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Italian Longsword Plays at Atlantian University

Llwyd will be teaching a class on fun plays from Fiore’s Longsword that can (mostly) be used in SCA combat. It will take place online at Atlantia’s February University on Saturday, February 5, 2022. Pre-registration by midnight, Feb 2, is required.

Content-wise, we will cover the same plays that were worked on during the in-person class at Holiday Faire in November. But since this is online, we’ll look at the plates and translation, discuss what they mean, and then (for most plays) watch a video of me doing my take on the play.

Slides from the class are available here:

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Fiore at Holiday Faire

Llwyd will teaching a short class on Italian Longsword for SCA Combat at the November 20, 2021 Holiday Faire event. The class is free to paid event attendees and will take place at 2:30pm. The class description is:

Basics of Fiore’s longsword techniques with some sample plays from the longsword, sword in one hand, and sword in armor sections of his 1409 manual. Focus will be on plays that are legal for SCA rulesets. No armor required, loaner waster swords will be available.

Documentation on the plays demonstrated (plates, translated text, and optional video) is available at the links below:

Related, earlier video playlists

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Largo Two-Handed Sword class

Llwyd will be presenting a class at Atlantian University on June 12, 2021 on The Largo (long range) sword with two hands sections of Fiore’s manual (Getty pg 25r-27v).

Here are various versions of the presentation

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