Fiore’s Halfswording Class

Llwyd will be teaching a class titled “Fiore’s Sword in Armor – Halfswording for fun and profit” on February 13, 2021 at 11am during Atlantia’s Winter University online event. As with the sword-in-one-hand class at last University, the plates and translated text will be presented, discussed and then short videos of Llwyd’s interpretations of the plays will be shown. The class is free but advanced registration through the University website is required.

We had some recording-toggle issues with a few of the videos for the presentation, but did get 6 videos that are representative of the 16 plates in the section. Including even short 5-second clips makes the files fairly large, so I had to break the file with video into three parts. A PDF file with no video is also linked below and is much smaller.

Hybrid/Bastard Cross Position
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